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First impressions are everything and your website is often the initial touchpoint. Keeping it up to date and professional—both from a content and visual standpoint—is crucial to the relationship you build with current and prospective customers. Freewheel Creative takes a wholistic view of your marketing initiatives, designing websites that elegantly reflect and communicate who you are, what you’re working so hard to provide or achieve, and how you solve needs or pain-points—with elements that can be utilized across other marketing initiatives.

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Building your website:

where to start

You have choices. DIY platforms, agencies, freelancers, and maybe a web saavy nephew.

Before you build, think about your business today and what your goals are for the future. Over time, you’ll grow, your services may change, and the internet will evolve. It’s best to be on a modern platform that can pivot and adapt the way you need it to, with a service provider that is eager and available to help you get there.

Freewheel Creative designs WordPress websites with a user friendly theme. Which means when the project is complete, you’ll have an easy to use builder to freely make updates – reaching out to Freewheel only for the big projects.

You can host it in your own environment, together we can set-up a hosting environment you control, or Freewheel Creative can host it for you taking on regular maintenance for a fee.

Building from scratch, your site will have a unique look that truly matches your style and offerings, with a look and message you can use in the design of other marketing collateral.

How Freewheel Eases the Ride

You’re not just building a website. You’re creating a look to extend throughout your marketing program. With over 20 years of marketing experience, Freewheel Creative understands how important it is to not only create an attractive website, but one that spills over into brochures, sellsheets, mailers, tradeshow displays, packaging, advertising and more. You’ll have the words and elements to use where you see fit—by your own marketing team, or as we move forward on projects together.

Marketing Experience

It takes more than a website to make your business successful. So, in addition to a professional design and crafted message, your audience, interaction with customers, and targeting strategies will be taken into account. Freewheel will also assist with follow-up strategies, complimenting your other marketing efforts, and positioning you to meet future goals.

Technical Experience

For tech saavy companies, Freewheel Creative understands the importance for your designer to understand your business in order to communicate it in a consumable way for novice and advance technical audiences. We welcome the details and will offer guidance as to where and how best to feature them.


How your website is ranked by Google and other search engines matters. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a great deal to do with that. If it’s been more than a few years since your last website update, your website structure could be hurting you. Freewheel Creative ensures that the keywords used and structure of your site enhances your ranking, which in turn will help the traffic on your site. We’ll work together to determine various ways of boosting your findability on the web.


Regardless if you’re mandated to abide by accessibility laws, it’s advantageous to have a site that people with hearing and sight disabilities can easily navigate and understand. This alone is a great reason to redesign your dated website on a modern platform. We’ll build a site that works with assistive technologies and is structured in a way that helps you meet accessibility standards.

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Located in Central Pennsylvania (near State College), Freewheel Creative works with non-profits, ecommerce and local businesses, large manufacturers and more. I look forward to speaking with you about your project.

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