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How do you make an impression

Your logo and branding makes an impact on how people see your company. Collateral pieces like brochures, sell sheets, flyers, postcard mailers, and other detailed handouts create lasting feelings about your product and services. Banners and trade show booth displays invite introductions and conversations. Digital messaging through emails and online ads keep you in touch with your customer. And corporate events like user conferences bring customers together to share ideas that solidify long-term relationships.

Whether your marketing team needs help with just one or two projects, or your small company lacks a marketing department and needs help strategizing what elements would do you the most good, Freewheel Creative partners with you and acts as an extension of your company filling your marketing and graphic design needs.

Let’s strategize together to combine your marketing resources with new strategies that will take you where you aim to be.

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Logos and branding:

Freewheel Creative refreshes logos and creates new ones. We’ll work together to understand who you are and what your business offers to create a mark that represents your products and services. Your logo should be one that is thoughtfully created to work where you want to place it – whether it’s mounted on the side of a building, etched on your product, embroidered on a shirt, decaled on a truck, printed on a business card, watermarked on a quote or placed anywhere else you desire.

Brochures, sell sheets, postcards, etc.

To create a cohesive look and feel that resinates with customers and triggers recognition at a glance, design your brochures, sell sheets, spec sheets, postcards, emails, digital presentations and other marketing collateral along with your website in a similar, eye-catching theme. 

Mini Case Study

Happy Valley Soup Company

An already successful gourmet dry soup mix company in Spring Mills, Pennsylvania (near State College) decided to add the grocery store market to their portfolio. But their country themed packaging of their Cooke Tavern Soups brand couldn’t compete on the crowded shelves. With a new name, Happy Valley Soup Company, a modern eye-catching packaging design was created for the grocery store shelves – one that enabled the soup to physically stand on it’s own. To promote the new brand, a sell sheet and spec sheets were designed for physical and digital delivery. These were handed out in a newly designed 10×10 tradeshow booth that reutilized and expanded upon these modern design elements. Follow-up emails, social media posts, and PowerPoint presentations followed the theme and helped close deals. In addition, a POP display was added to the merchandising options that shared the branded design.

You can see examples of the Happy Valley Soup Company design theme throughout this site.

Mini Case Study

Churchmen’s Machine Company

When Churchmen’s Machine Company in Wilmington, Delaware outgrew their facility, their move across the state border into Maryland required an announcement. In their 60 years of operation, word-of-mouth touting their excellent service built their business. Eventually a simple brochure and website listing services were added. There objective was to ease the transition and address any concerns their current customers might have with the move. We decided on an email and post card mailing campaign, which introduced mass email product that where they could continue communications as needed using a template designed by Freewheel Creative. Instead of simply updating the current, dated website, the site was redesigned on a modern platform utilizing some of the existing elements where it made sense. View the website.

Once the move is complete, we’ll implement a campaign to introduce them to their new community and expand thier reach.


Having worked in the software industry, I learned that it isn’t always easy to pinpoint your target buyer. Sometimes it was the IT team leading the charge, other times it was a department head who desperately needed to solve the issue. So it was imperative to create content that was sophisticated enough to differentiate technology nuances between products for CIOs, yet communicate benefits to the end-user in language they can understand.

At Freewheel Creative, you’ll not only get a beautifully designed piece, it will be created with content in mind. Whether your team provides the content or Freewheel is asked to create it, we’ll work collaboratively to design something the speaks to your products, services and customer. 

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It often costs thousands to simply be listed as a tradeshow exhibitor. Add booth design, rentals, shipping, marketing materials, advertising, sponsorships, giveaways and travel and you are taking about a significant investment. So, no matter how big or small, make sure your booth stands out among hundreds of others.

Showcase your company

There’s quite a bit of planning involved when it comes to tradeshows. You’ve likely done your research and know that your buyer is attending that particular show. And whether this is your first time exhibiting or your 15th, showing up with a pop-up banner and sitting behind the standard issue table with a few hand-outs isn’t going to generate the traffic to justify the cost of being there.

You have 8 seconds to catch an attendee’s attention (if they’re even looking at your side of the aisle). Take the opportunity to showcase your company. Your booth should draw attention, be inviting, represent your brand, offer the information needed, and provide you a way to follow-up. Freewheel Creative will design banners, backdrops, displays, rolling presentations / demos, giveaways, handouts, etc., combined with sponsorhips, advertising, pre-show communications and more to drive traffic and   justify your presence so you can continue to build brand awareness year after year.

Budget Friendly Design

Small budgets don’t have to prevent you from making a splash. Need to be able to carry it all in? Want to avoid/reduce rental fees? Need to be able to set it up by yourself? Freewheel Creative will work within your budget to design a booth that meets your requirements but helps you stand out.

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Corporate events & user conferences

No event is too small to make a lasting impression. Training and User Conferences, networking evenings and customer appreciation events are great places to reconnect with clients, share tips between users and build long term relationships. The better your customers know how to use your product, the more likely they are to continue subscriptions and purchases year after year.

Make your brand shine and your clients feel the love at these events by upgrading standard materials with custom, beautifully designed invites, signage, banners, booklets, badges, websites, presentation templates, shirts, giveaways, awards and more—all with a cohesive look that makes your small event feel like an important event that they’ll never want to miss.

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Other Projects

Marketing and design covers quite a bit and Freewheel Creative is experienced in much more than what you see here – like email campaign design, social media posts, marketing automation strategy, and much more. If you don’t see information about your upcoming project mentioned, reach out to discuss.

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Located in Central Pennsylvania (near State College), Freewheel Creative works with non-profits, ecommerce and local businesses, large manufacturers and more. I look forward to speaking with you about your project.

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