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From Wix to WordPress: Shealer Makes a Move

    I had the joy of working with Rae Stefaniak, Owner of Shealer - offering wellness services like massage, meditation, life coaching and more - to take her ownership of her website and redesign it to better reflect her business and her services. After...

When Creativity Strikes: A Cycling Jersey Design

    Designing this cycling jersey is among my favorite projects. No one asked me to do it - creativity just struck! And after spending a couple weeks scribbling on paper, drawing in Illustrator, and seeking feedback from my now husband, Jim, I revealed it to...

What’s wrong with being the little guy?

    At a kids basketball game this week, I was amazed at the height of some 12 year olds. I thought, those kids have every advantage. I quickly learned that the ones only shoulder high to their counterparts had their own advantages. They moved faster to get...

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