DocFinity Website Design

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DocFinity Website

One of the largest and most extensive websites I had the privilege to work on was with my previous employer, DocFinity. With 11 products, professional services, a training program, and four major industries served, the project grew to 72 pages with an articles and case studies section with as many pages or more. 

The Project

The biggest challenge for the company was to present information about a product with vast functionality to both technical and non-technical buying audiences. It was important to engage end-users who just wanted to know how it would make their lives easier, as well as IT teams who needed the nitty gritty details of how the product would operate and integrate with other systems.

With so many product details to share, we broke up the content into digestible bits using diagrams, imagery and icons to help convey the message.

Through 26 years of business, DocFinity knew each audience had their own terminology and buyers wanted to know that they truly understood their world. Therefore, four industry sections were created to speak directly to higher education, insurance, government and K-12. This was also helpful from an SEO standpoint so that when people from those industries searched for solutions particular to their department, DocFinity would appear high on Google’s list.

The Design

The live website has recently been relaunched, but below you’ll find examples of various pages from the former DocFinity website.

Home Page

Higher-Ed Enrollment

Insurance Claims

An Integrated Design Project

Content and design elements from the website were used to develop new brochures, sellsheets and tradeshow displays which are featured in the gallery section of the website.

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