5 Reasons to Focus on Marketing During the Pandemic

by Apr 14, 2020Uncategorized

The COVID-19 Pandemic brought a lot of changes and uncertainty to our business lives. It also forced us to look at how we’re doing business and where. After a few weeks of shifting priorities and finding new ways to sell products and services, we’re beginning to find our groove into the new normal. 

For some, the change is simply working from a home office vs a cubicle…but the beat goes on. For others, it’s more complex and reinventing their sales model is necessary for survival.  For brick-and-morter business or those that just weren’t prepared for a full-scale online presence, many challenges have presented themselves. Those companies will need to work harder and possible adopt new technology to reach their audience. 

So, why is now a great time to look at refreshing your digital content and print content?


1. Appearance is Everything Right Now

With everyone staying at home, our visual and digital presence has become more important than ever. Inbound marketing is how business gets started. So your first impression needs to capture attention with a modern look and relevant message. Take a look at your visuals and ask yourself if they’re doing their job.


2. It’s Necessary to Share More Digitally

From brochures to restaurant menus, they need to be in a digital format in order to share them with potential customers. Convert these into webpage layouts or create PDF handouts, slide decks and more that look good and are easy to share via email or online.


3. You Have the Time

As your team is shifting their priorities, there may be an opportunity to focus on relaunching a website, redesigning digital brochures and sell sheets, rewriting products or services to meet today’s needs. Marketing projects are often pushed to the back-burner, especially if you don’t have an in-house team. Focusing on a redesign or rewrite process now might get you back in the game or ready for your next move.


4. New Functionality is Needed

Many people had to change where and how they do business. If you usually sold products face-to-face, you might need an online presence with eCommerce functionality to sell, ship, deliver and/or pick-up orders. Or maybe you used to consult face-to-face and want to create a subscription site where information, videos and other information is locked down accordingly. 


5. It’s Important

I hate to say it but looks do matter. If your marketing materials are outdated or lackluster, pandemic or not, it’s hurting you. Your imagery should reflect your products and services, your company, and have a modern look. Furthermore, an old website can hurt your Google rankings making it harder for potential customers to find you. A makeover is typically needed every few years. If it’s been more than 5 years since your last design make-over, it’s time to prioritize this project. 


Get Started

If you’re ready to update your materials or website, now is a great time to move those projects forward. If you need assistance, reach out to discuss how Freewheel Creative can help you prioritize and get started.


What kind of budget should I PLAN for marketing?

It all depends on the size and breadth of your project. There are many factors considered when estimating a project. Here are some averages, but it’s best to talk through your project and situation with your designer for accurate pricing.

Expect to pay around $500 for a good branding package – logo, business card, and letterhead in digital and scalable print formats. Modifications of an existing logo may be less.

The average website redesign costs on average $1000-$5000 depending on the number of pages and functionality needed and if there is existing content to be recycled or if new content needs written. Prices increase in cost if there are an extensive number of pages, locked down content, and if complex functionality needs added and tested.

Sell sheets, brochures, invitations, postcards, posters, and other collateral start around $250 and increase based on number of variations, content needing developed, imagery needing purchased, etc.

Event planning varies widely and is usually charged hourly and may vary for planning and day-of services.

Each project is unique. Call or email to discuss your particular project, budget, and timeline.