A Logo that Lends Itself to Location: Hidden Lake Lodge

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I met Marty King, owner of Hidden Lake Lodge, through a Penns Valley Pedals and Pints buddy.  Also an avid rider, Marty enjoys the outdoors and is preparing for future retirement with a view by renovating of his parent’s New York Finger Lakes region home near Keuka Lake. They have a few years before they settle in. So in the meantime, they’ll rent it out to vacationers through Vacasa as Hidden Lake Lodge – Listing #33372.


Marty had a pretty clear idea about what he wanted in a logo for Hidden Lake Lodge. He wanted a design that he could place on a sign at the end of the lane to welcome visitors, as well as use throughout the house on items like napkins, information cards, etc. He also wanted the logo design to depict the location – his rustic log cabin, the wooded acreage and the private lake. And they had used a serif text on a sign on the interior that would be nice to bring over if possible.

The Design Process

The four elements turned out to be quite the challenge – lake, cabin, trees and text. A hidden lake among the trees, ok…but where would the cabin go? How could I fit the images elements around the text? And how would this design appear on a roadside sign?  It took a little time and creativity, but I came up with a sketch that seemed to fit the bill.

One of the best features about the lodge are the sunsets. From on top of the hill, the sky fades to a brilliant orange and red. And the fall foliage makes that time of year even more specatacular at Hidden Lake Lodge. So, a rich orange was chosen as an accent color. It also complimented the warm tones you’re surrounded by inside of the log cabin. A secondary option was a blue hue bringing in the lake and clear skies often found above.

Hidden Lake Lodge First Rendition

Logo revisions

With the original logo design, I had given Marty a few mock-ups of how it would appear on napkins, business cards, note pads and the sign to be placed at the end of his lane so he could better visualize it in use around Hidden Lake Lodge.

Marty loved the concept but had a few requests for revisions. He preferred a more literal representation of the front of the lodge. He also asked for a more wooded feel expanding on the trees. And he felt that the cattails/lake representation could be a little larger, especially when viewing the logo on the sign.

So, I made revisions while attempting to keep the details appropriately sized for when the logo is used on websites, business cards and other small spaces, as they can be lost easily at a certain point.  

Hidden Lake Lodge Final Logo
Hidden Lake Lodge Sign Design


There are many more opportunities for logos to appear in full color than there used to be. For imprints on t-shirts and promotional items, it’s always good to have a one- or two-color rendition of your logo in your back pocket to save you a little cash. But for Marty, I knew he was going to use this on a sign at the end of his lane and something bright and eye catching was needed. So as I designed this logo, I kept that in mind. With his final design, he was also delivered full-color art and a mock-up of what it might look like on his sign. I was sure to bring in the warm colors of the environment in a way that complimented each other and Hidden Lake Lodge.

Hidden Lake Lodge Logo on Coasters
Hidden Lake Lodge Business Card & Letterhead
Hidden Lake Lodge Logo on Napkin

Interested in staying at Hidden lake lodge?

View the Hiddlen Lake Lodge listing on Vacasa – https://www.vacasa.com/unit.php?UnitID=33372

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